Redefining Legal Efficiency:

AI-powered innovation for transparency and risk control

The legal industry grapples with complex and costly contracting processes. Contractus transforms this challenge by using AI to streamline workflows, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency in contracting systems.



of contract value is lost annually

to organizations due to poor contract management, amounting to $4 trillion in lost value.


of contracts

are erroneous,

thus leaving companies legally exposed.


mln $

contract non-compliance issues

cost companies

over $15 million per $1 billion of revenue.

Solution – Empowering Contract Insight

Unlocking clarity and efficiency in contract management through AI-powered analysis and search

Contracts and legal relevant documents

Analyzing and processing

Delivering Benefits to Contract Workers

Augmented Intelligence

Yield faster results and higher accurancy in analyzing contracts and agreements.

Searchable Insights

Gain across various agreements and contracts with easy-to-use search functionality.

Complexity reduction

Simplify contract management process to improve efficiency and understanding.

Reduced Uncertainty

Minimize doubts in contract interpretation and ensure you find and comprehend every detail.

Semi-Automated Documentation

Automate part of the documentation process, summarizing vital contract information.

Our Vision is to be a leading provider of AI-powered legaltech solutions that help businesses and organizations increase efficiency, transparency, and reduce risk.
This new startup company in formation is fueled by innovation, ambition, and a dynamic team. 

Watch us soar.

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